Getting Started with Mentoring

Do you ever feel like life has no patterns or predictability? Do you feel like life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs and anxiety? We understand, and you are not alone. The majority of people live as if there are no patterns or solutions and no way to get out of the ruts they are in.

PIQ Living shows you the patterns that you can’t see because you are in the chaos, or too close to the problem to see things clearly.  PIQ Living brings order to the chaos you may be surrounded in and brings easy-to-understand solutions to getting out of the ruts you may be stuck in.

Using easy to understand, custom PIQ Living models, you will unlock the secrets behind human needs and motivation. You will learn how to forget about the things you cannot control and take charge of the things you can control – you will be amazed at HOW much control you actually have in your life. You will learn to deal with difficult people and rise above difficult situations. No matter where the problems are—self, family, kids, spouse, co-worker—PIQ Living will show you a solution, AND work with you till you get there.

Our Founder and Master Mentor, Dave Darby, came out of an environment loaded with drugs, alcohol, and weapons all to build a next-generation global organization that is changing the world—one person, one relationship, and one business at a time. He just happened to build a 22+ year marriage, with 5 witty, intelligent and fun children, along the way. Dave is passionate about teaching how he built his success.

There are no quick fixes in life, but you can gain quick results from applying the knowledge that you learn as a member of PIQ Living.

What You Will Learn


Our Private Online Mentoring model is designed to get results while saving you money—learn from mentors' experiences and growth as well as your own. Just click the buttons below to see all the packages, and pricing. Our monthly memberships are still more affordable and more successful than traditional counseling. 30-day Money back guarantee for monthly memberships!

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7-Days Unlimited Access to Mentors
5 Cutting Edge Needs Assessments
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35 Minute Call With A Mentor
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35 Minute Chat With A Mentor
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Ideal for Individuals Seeking Quick Support & Clarity
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Member Benefits

People who struggle KNOW they are in pain, but often, confused about HOW to get out of struggles they experience. Do you feel the same?

PIQ Living™ Assessments will measure your needs and highlight WHICH adjustments you need to make in life, in order to find happiness. Our mentors will help you to interpret your results.

You will have unlimited access to articles, videos, and step-by-step lessons that help you to process why you make the choices that you do.

Once you have a higher awareness on what influences your decisions and actions, you will be able to work towards a set of goals and see results that move you closer to your Ideal Life each day.

Our members need a safe place where they can share their deepest concerns and pains without a worry. We have several options—choose the one that best fits your needs.

PIQ Living Challenger members have exclusive access to private groups where they easily access support from mentors and members seeking the same goals. You’ll regain strength with support from the PIQ Living community.

Our certified mentors have a keen awareness into the noise surrounding you. The issues that surround all of us are seldom unique. That is why PIQ Living mentors have such a high success rate for getting you on a better path.

You can count on your PIQ Living mentors to be there for you, even if you need live support. As a member, you are able to get live Support at an additional but discounted price.

Our members experience deep appreciation for the lessons and Support they receive. So much so, they want to continue their membership to sustain all the great results and support they are experiencing.

The more you grow, the more involvement and difference you want to make in your’s AND others’ lives. Ask us about the Opportunities that are now open for you!

Our methods are designed to be cooperative. We accurately gain more than you realize about your spouse & family based on your assessment results.  So don’t feel pressured if your spouse or family members are hesitant to join right away.

Your spouse will see a change and WILL begin to change as well.  Often they will want to join to do the assessments also—so we give a DISCOUNT for them to join you.