Introducing PIQ Living

We are a lifestyle brand that’s passionate about helping people break away from the mundane rituals that hold them back. Our model is simple—disrupting psychological trends that slow people down and box them into motionless corners. We’ve set up programs that work—and quickly!

Our mentors use PIQ Living™ Assessments and simplify our psychological Models to teach powerful lessons in the form of homeschooling resources, Alexa skills, audios, slide-decks, books, and mentoring memberships. Our innovative programs inspire families, individuals, and kids find their focus, purpose, sharpen their saws, and to gain an edge in life.

Inspiring Leaps of growth

“These wonderful people are truly angels from the sky. I recommend everyone to join the family. You will be loved and supported unconditionally.”

~ Brian

“There’s no competition out there that could measure up to the length or miles PIQ Living goes to help people. PIQ Living is a blessing!”

~ Stephanie

“Your service has been a huge help for me. I’m truly grateful. You guys are great and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.”

~ Mark


Your Leap to an All-New Era

If you’re someone who loves to challenge yourself and break away from the norm, you’ll love our online mentoring program. Unlock 30-days unlimited access to advanced lessons and tips on how to overcome life’s noise. Our models, assessments, and support from our mentors are like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.



What Suits Your Needs?

The pages above will help you to kickstart your journey with PIQ Living. By using the fundamental and groundbreaking models of PIQ Living, you’ll become more aware of the things that make you and those around you tick, like: “Where does my motivation come from?”, or“What will help me perform better at work?”, “How do I add spark to my marriage?”, “How do I inspire my kids to listen?”.

When you better understand yourself, you’ll be able to recognize the tendencies and behavior of those around you — allowing you to communicate, connect and inspire your partner, kids, and colleagues in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Online Memberships

Our Private Online Mentoring model is designed to get results while saving you money—learn from mentors' experiences and growth as well as your own. Just click the buttons below to see all the packages, and pricing. Our monthly memberships are still more affordable and more successful than traditional counseling. 30-day Money back guarantee for monthly memberships!

child per month

Save 17.9% Over Weekly Membership

30-Days Unlimited Access to Mentors
3 Cutting Edge Needs Assessments
Kidz' Articles & Lessons
Ideal for Parents Seeking to Invest in Their Kids' Character
Sibling Discount 30% Off
Discounted Calls & Chats for Parents

Free E-books, Discounted Hardcover Books

Invest in Your Child
entrepreneur per month

Save 22.5% Over Weekly Membership

30-Days Unlimited Access to Mentors
6 Cutting Edge Needs & Business Assessments
Business Articles & Lessons
Ideal for Businesses Seeking to Boost Their Profits
Team Discount 49% Off

Free E-books, Discounted Hardcover Books

Boost Your Profits

Thought-provoking Articles

Check Out Life-Changing Lessons!

PIQ Living Lessons are not the average and bland tips you find out there—they are simple, yet powerful.  Whether you’re looking for help in Parenting, Relationships, Career, Business, or Personal Growth there’s an article ready to inspire and guide you to transform and experience results.  

Exclusive to PIQ Living — Our Models

Tranformative Journey of Self-Reflection!

We are the sum total of our experiences.  Needs, which can feel impossible to understand or just out of control, are based on our environment.  If your environment changes, so do your Needs. Venture into a bold journey of self reflection with the guide of our Models and Assessments—they are exclusive, unlocked only at PIQ Living.

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