Getting Started—Mentoring

Are you ready to live in SIGNIFICANCE? Ready to help others find the Balance you have? The journey of helping others find their ideal life is an amazing one. Mentors have amazing Opportunities at PIQ Living to find Significance.

We look for those members in our community who:
a) already have sustainable Balance in their lives, and
b) want to positively impact others to find sustainable Balance.

Is this you? Then, read on!

Mentors belong to an elite group and started off as either an Explorer or Challenger member. They then join our Mentor Program and continue to grow and positively impact others. While in the Mentor program, they are actively interacting and adding value online and in the programs we have around the globe.

Mentors master our models and PIQ Living Lifestyle. They enjoy a Balanced life and have great fruits to show for it. They join our team as paid mentors and continue to fine-tune their mentoring skills PLUS get involved in all other amazing Opportunities and activities within PIQ Living.

What You Will Gain

Becoming a Mentor

Being a mentoring organization, we value like-minded individuals who want to work their way to join our team. We believe in creating Opportunities and this starts with our own team!

Once you fulfill some of our basic Mentor requirements, you will start off as a Recruit Mentor. As you grow, you will be able to move higher in status and position as a mentor.

Higher positions that will be up for grabs for you will be titles of an Apprentice, PIQ Living, Certified and Master Mentor. As you go higher, the pay, working hours, leadership responsibilities and other Opportunities open up for you.

It was a great opportunity for me to engage with PIQ Living which showed me the pathway to bring balance in my life, manage my personality, identify my strengths and get empowered to reach the pinnacle of my life. After learning & practicing PIQ Living’s methodologies I achieved great support & security from the team and today I am proud to say that I have a paid position (as a mentor) while I continue towards the significance of my life.” ~ N. Dey, former PIQ Living Mentor

As a Mentor, you will enjoy unique lessons and pieces of training via our videos, articles and personalized Mentor pages.

To top it off, Mentors have the Opportunity to grow and work their way up to other positions that open up as PIQ Living continues to grow.

3 Steps to be a Mentor

These are the steps to get on your way towards joining our mentoring team.

Join PIQ Living

Our Mentor position and Opportunity is open to members who have learned PIQ Living™ Models, living a happy, Balanced life and seeking to help others do the same.

Once you are active and earn 500 points on our site, let us know that you are interested to grow into a Mentor. In the meantime, start self-learning our models and values using the resources available to you.


Fulfill the Basic Requirements

Once we are aware of your interest, we will keep an eye on the efforts you are making to build your own life, and how you help others do the same. Learn, practice PIQ Living models, interact with our mentors and find out how to guide/Support others to live a Balanced life.

Only after you show the fruits of a Balanced life, show a passion for impacting others, earn 3500 points and pass our assessment, will you be able to graduate and join our Mentor team.


Graduate to Mentor

Once you have mastered of all PIQ Living models, living a happy and Balanced lifestyle, showing a passion for helping others grow, and earned your points, we will test your knowledge with an assessment.

Requirements to Become a Mentor:

  • Show an understanding of PIQ Living models and lessons
  • Apply the PIQ Living lessons in your life and share your experiences
  • Help others to understand the PIQ Living models and show ability to impact others positively
  • Gain a total of 3500 points on PIQ Living. Note: these points should be earned by making posts that show an understanding of lessons. We will be reviewing the quality of your posts and HOW you earned the points.
  • Pass a PIQ Living assessment for Mentors

If you pass your criteria and assessment, you are eligible to become part of our Mentoring Team. Check out the next tab to learn how to progress through the different mentor levels.


Once you become a Mentor, you have an amazing Opportunity to strengthen your mentoring skills and even work your way towards paid positions.

Depending on the value added, all positions are subject to reviews by existing mentors and admins – which can lead to promotions or a demotion/cancellation of mentoring privileges. These are the levels of mentoring we follow within PIQ Living

Recruit Mentor:

Congratulations to being part of our official paid team. As a Recruit Mentor, you will start by adding value to our Explorer members. You will also be contributing in our Challenger groups. Use your Balance and lessons from our models to make an impact. You will also take part in our Saturday workshops whenever there is one in your local community. This is a probationary role and if you are not active, do not show fruits and Balance in your own life, your role will be subject to review and/or cancellation. This is to ensure that you only mentor with Balance and also ensure that you completely live and understand our models before you teach it to others.

Recruit Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark gray border around their images.

Apprentice Mentor:

Once you are an Apprentice Mentor, you not only get paid but you will be no longer be on a probationary role. You will also participate in our Saturday workshops whenever there is one near you. You will get the Support and supervision of other mentors and once you create enough impact, you can then graduate to become a full PIQ Living™ Mentor. As an Apprentice Mentor, you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship when we have our team retreat seminars.

Apprentice Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark gray border around their images.

PIQ Living™ Mentor:

As a full PIQ Living™ Mentor, you will now officially be part of our mentoring team, with no probation phases to work under. You will gain full mentor status, pay and will now be free to mentor without the Support of other mentors. You can now even begin to nurture the new Recruit Mentors while you take the lead in our Saturday workshops near you.

PIQ Living™ Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark blue border around their images.

Certified Mentor:

As a Certified Mentor, you will move to a higher level in our team. You will now be able to add more value in our mentoring programs and even lead them. Other upcoming mentors will report to you if you show the passion for leadership, which opens up new Opportunities for you at PIQ Living.

Certified Mentors can be recognized by their labels and light blue border around their images.

Master Mentor:

Being a Master Mentor means you have worked your way up to our highest Mentor status. You will gain a lot more Opportunities and exposure to other activities. You will now be nurturing others and overlooking our mentoring programs to ensure great service qualities to our members.

Master Mentors can be recognized by their labels and light blue border around their images.