Getting Started – Businesses

Learn the unique PIQ Living Sustainability of Business model (SOB) that shows you the keys to business success. You will learn how to understand both your needs and those of your customers or target audience in ways you’ve never considered. These lessons will help you launch smarter and stronger, and to not waste precious resources or finances making mistakes.

PIQ Living business mentoring programs are led by our Founder and Master Mentor, Dave Darby, who has consulted with Fortune 100 businesses in the U.S. to existing small and startup businesses around the globe.

With semi-private quarterly and annual memberships, you will not only save money but gain access (at no additional charge) to online Groups. You will have unlimited access to ask certified mentors (including Dave himself) questions that relate to your business and your needs guaranteeing you a healthier, more productive and more satisfying business experience. We also have fully private group options, if you want confidential and a one-on-one presence with a mentor. So don’t delay, get started NOW!

What You Will Learn

  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Just sign up to get started

Business Mentoring Pricing

Find a business plan that suits your needs from idea incubation to startup to aggressive business growth.

You have multiple options in our business membership packages. Choose your preference in duration, privacy, and the saving you seek to make.

Fully private & confidential mentoring group
30 days unlimited access to your mentor
Access to PIQ Living™ Sustainability of Business Assessment
Unlimited access of self-paced study & research
Step-by-step guides on how to strengthen your business
Peer Connections/Networking
Ideal for Entrepreneurs seeking full privacy & wanting one-on-one interaction with mentors

Business Member Benefits

Most entrepreneurs KNOW that their business is struggling or at least that something feels off. But, they are confused about HOW to solve the problems—especially when some are unknown.

PIQ Living™ Sustainability of Business Assessment (SOB) will measure the weaknesses and strengths of your business. You will immediately recognize WHICH adjustments you need to make, in order to strengthen your business.

You will have unlimited access to business articles, videos, and step-by-step lessons that help you and your team to process why you make the business choices that you do—and how they affect your business.

Once you have a higher awareness on what influences your decisions and actions, you will be able to work towards a set of goals and see results that move you closer to more profits, a stronger business, sharper team and happier clients.

You will have unlimited access to business groups, which are led by our Founder and Master Mentor Dave Darby. You will be able to ask and gain clarity on all the business struggles that you have been facing.

You will also have the freedom to connect and interact with other business members should you wish to do so. If you are instead, seeking a private group where nobody except you and your team access it, let one of our mentors know.

Despite the unlimited Support from mentors and your business peers, sometimes you will face situations that feel more urgent than others. You will want immediate and a live, continuous chat or call with a mentor.

For such moments, you can count on our PIQ Living mentors to be there for you. Please note, you will get this live Support at an additional but discounted price!

You are an entrepreneur who is eager to see your business expand to new heights—we get that! But, because you work so hard, we are aware that you probably have some personal struggles too.

That’s why, we offer you a bonus to yourpackage. You will have access to ALL personal related content. It includes PIQ Living™ assessments, mentoring groups and content.

Our methods are designed to be cooperative. We accurately gain more information about your colleagues, employees and your business partners based on your assessment results.

Many times though, entrepreneurs want to sign up their team leaders so that they get help in expanding the business. We will give them discounts so that they join & help you.