Ambassador Program

Ambassador Members are a special group of people at PIQ Living.
Only a few members are selected to become part of this group that can achieve so much more for themselves and their family.
Get 30 days of unlimited access to select Ambassador mentoring groups.
Succeed faster with mentors by your side AND grab an Opportunity to earn a commission when you refer others to sign up!
What better way to grow than to help others grow too! Your commission can help offset the cost of YOUR membership, and later, even build up to where PIQ Living becomes a channel of income for you.
Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Resolve your personal struggles faster with the help of mentors.
  • Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) – why you feel the way you feel, do what you do and want what you want. Learn it for others around you as well!
  • Five Personality & Needs Assessments ($149 value) are included for FREE in your membership and will give you insight you never knew about yourself.
  • Ambassador Private group: only other Ambassadors can see your content.
  • Earn 20% comission on each sale you make (including recurring memberships).
  • Exclusive content available only to Ambassador members – learning how to sharpen your marketing and sales skills based on Needs and Personalities.
  • Opportunities for an Invitation to grow as a PIQ Living mentor – we are always looking for the right individual who is grasping the lessons fast and wanting to give back to others.

Requirements to be an Ambassador:

  • Be a PIQ Living member.
  • Maintain at least one sale per month (recurring memberships count).

So if you are ready to find satisfaction in helping yourself and helping others find their path in life, contact us!