Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON)

The Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) is PIQ Living’s core model and is universal from person to person. For many people, life feels like they are entangled in a cobweb of needs. They get confused on where to focus and start chasing noise. Understanding motivation and needs are key to achieving your goals in life.
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PIQ Living’s AHON consists of four major categories, each divided into two groups to produce eight subcategories.

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The Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) will help you master the art of recognizing, prioritizing and meeting needs.


Survival – Physical and Emotional Health:

Basic physical and emotional health is the foundation of survival and basic life. If overlooked, this basic level of the pyramid becomes weak and, as a result, it cannot sustain the other levels above necessary to find Significance. Often in pursuit of other needs in life, we need to stop and restructure our time to protect our health.

Security – Resources and Skills:

Resources and safety nets are those tangible items that provide safety for your survival like a house, car, savings, and investments. Skills and systems are the intangible traits and skills that you have been using to build or renew your tangible resources. You may own a business (system) or have marketable job skills to grow your income and resources.  You may also have artisan or craftsman skills to build and protect your resources (like a house or property).

Support – Spouse & Partner and Family & Friends:

There is strength in numbers which gives rise to a community and social bonding. Finding like-minded people for our close circle creates a supportive environment. Those individuals and groups whose strengths complement our own allow us to grow through efficiency and preservation of what we have worked to build.

Significance – Personal Growth and Philanthropy & Teaching:

The pinnacle of life and legacy building is one’s pursuit and accomplishment of personal growth and the ability to give back to others through the sacrifice of resources such as time, money, etc. Those who strive for personal growth seek to live in their strengths, not in their weaknesses and they seek to create an environment of lasting fulfillment and happiness.

To understand more, listen to the audio below by our Founder and Master Mentor Dave Darby where he talks about all the levels of the AHON.

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Unlock the secrets towards enjoying a Balance in life

Make time to identify the noise that keeps you stuck in Survival and find those who support your Identity. Watch the results that take place as you strengthen your Balance and start enjoying the rewards of Significance.

The Balance of Life (BOL) is a tool that you can use to measure your Balance. It goes hand-in-hand with the AHON and it will help you assess your place as well as the focus (or need for focus) in the AHON.

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