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Those that come to PIQ Living come with heavy life challenges whether in marriage, family, finances or business. None of these are new to Dave Darby, Founder of PIQ Living.

His story is atypical—he found nothing handed to him on a silver platter, he sacrificed everything multiple times just so that he could give it back and help others. Dave fought the battles of poverty, broken family and a lot of abuse as a child. He rose from an environment loaded with drugs, alcohol, and violence to build a next-generation global organization that is changing the world—one person and one relationship at a time.

Dave is a mentor, entrepreneur, philosopher, sociologist, and all-around constant observer and lover of life. He has over 25 years of leadership and mentoring experience to back up his proven psychological and philosophical methods.

His successes are holistic—achieving a well-balanced life with work and family is his ultimate success. Everything in the world will tell you to be selfish, greedy, to stand for yourself. Dave will insist that you find your tribe, build a team, and stand for something bigger than yourself. Dave’s story is proof that it is both possible and rewarding.

Warning: Dave’s energy is as intense as it is fun and infectious!

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Having celebrated 22 years of marriage with his beautiful wife Julie and their FIVE kids, his life is not one of perfection, but of persistence. Despite serious health issues he now enjoys a great marriage, an amazing family, and strong financial security.

If you haven’t met Dave and his family yet, you might feel this is a huge family with many complex needs. You may even want to withdraw from engagement out of fear of the potential chaos in such a large family as this. There is no way a family like this cannot be in chaos if everyone focuses only on their personal needs.

On the contrary, to know the Darbys is understanding how teams should be operating and Supporting one another. They work in near perfect sync where Julie and the kids work to focus on other priorities in the home, bringing together results towards goals that represent the whole family. You can learn more about Dave in his personal site.

A happy little girl who had just told her Grandma that she wished for a bike for Christmas.
A happy little girl who had just told her Grandma that she wished for a bike for Christmas.

Dave was determined from an early age to change his destiny. For him, life has never been just about himself – or his family. For years, he has impacted others to work through the noise around them and find their way to a better life – to find Significance and then to also give back. Many people now enjoy living their Ideal Lives and so can you. Finding the same Balance in your life is possible.

He also proved a knack for learning from his mistakes and has proven that genetics and genealogy are no matches for knowledge, healthy coping mechanisms and iron will. His sense of humor and adventure certainly have helped.

Using his life experiences and years of mentoring, Dave founded PIQ Living to help give people light and direction in their challenges and move them from Survival to Significance. Through models backed by science, lessons, activities and mentorship, users are equipped to handle life’s challenges and reach their solutions. Even against all odds, anyone can rise and build themselves up just as he did.

People try to get as close as possible and find out Dave’s secret. But as Dave will tell you, “There is no secret.” To him, success and change are not about information or knowledge. Success and change are about APPLYING that knowledge.

Dave often says “To apply that knowledge, you need people surrounding you who care about you and your vision and who want to help you. You know the problem – most people around you are focused on themselves, your goals and needs come second or worse, not at all. But you don’t have to live like that after today.” Join him on audio that has helped shape many people’s lives.

Dave Discusses How to Block Noise

Unlocking the 'secrets' to your success

Being More Affordable Than Therapy & Offer Better, Faster Results!

Dave and his family invested heavily in a platform to meet people’s needs quickly and efficiently with security and community-awareness in mind. PIQ Living is not backed by debt or by venture capital. Just Dave’s personal wealth that he gave back to create this platform.

Why? Because his clients used to pay $300 up to $1200 per MONTH just to have his teaching and guidance to grow their businesses, improve their personal and romantic relationships and to dramatically improve their parenting skills, approach and results.

But, his time was limited as he has the same 24 hours in a day that you and I have, and there is only so many people he can physically reach in his personal capacity. Through PIQ Living, he is on a global mission to reach the whole world and help people who are tired of guessing through life and tired of feeling like many things are an uphill battle

So he invested his personal wealth to build a system, to train mentors that would allow others to tap into this knowledge and this Support in an ENTIRE YEAR for less than what most of his clients paid per month! Dave’s love and vision are evident for every user to see as they interact and engage with PIQ Living.

The goal with PIQ Living is to get people to their goals and to Significance in the shortest time possible to maximize their impact rather than moving through life with trial and error. ~ Dave Darby


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