Launch Gift to Families Who Dare to Dream

Legacies aren’t built by following others, but instead, by holding true to your values despite the noise and pull from the outside world. Legacy families chart their own steady course.

Most people are content with the paths laid out for them—and that’s okay. But, we recognize that there are a select group of families who seek a change, seek to untangle themselves from the noise of the world and chart their own course. They just don’t know how. So for a limited time, we are gifting our e-courses to the families who want to build something different, something that feels out of this world.

Featured E-Course Slides:

4-Day Relationship & Family E-Course:

Your home should be your castle. A place you, your spouse and your kids build unforgettable memories. A safe place where you can retreat to during struggles to repair, to rebuild, and to renew everyone’s energies. These lessons will help you build your castle.

Build your castle

4-Day Personal Growth E-Course:

To set sail to a new destination, pull up all the anchors. Step away from and let go of the dead weight that drags you down.
Use these powerful lessons to set yourself free, a whole new adventure awaits you!


3-Day Career E-Course:

It’s a rat race out there, but you don’t have to get overwhlemed or even lost in it. Stand out in your own way and empower your team not only to reach but surpass targets and goals without the burnout. Unlock these simple and action-based tips.


4-Day Business E-Course:

Normal is blah. Set your business apart by identifying and establishing your unique brand offering.
Our lessons will help you isolate yourself from the crowd and shine at a level other businesses cannot compete.


Exclusive Sneak PeEk Of Our Upcoming Slides...

Chaos Is Optional

Every family has its challenges, but constant drama is optional. If you’re passionate about building a family legacy, learn how to identify chaos and block it—sometimes before it even occurs and other times, quickly after. We will soon be releasing 10 tips on how to keep the chaos away.

Understanding Criminal Behaviour

Lawbreakers feel trapped long before they break the law. Communities are often promised protection and Opportunities. But, when Opportunities are low or non-existent, Survival kicks in and chaos are then never too far away. Stay tuned for the full lesson.