Trying to Build a Peaceful, Happy, & Calm Life? First, Get Your Stress Under Control

4 Core Steps to Live a Stress-Free Life

‘I’m so stressed, I can’t wait to be done with work, please Friday reach faster’
‘Parenting is so frustrating, I just can’t catch a break.’
‘Why do others get everything so easily in life? Life Just isn’t fair’
Do these statements sound familiar? How do you feel when down with life? Which thought pass through your mind?Stress is frustrating and sometimes accompanied by anger, jealousy, and other feelings.
Stress makes you feel out of control, drains you and makes you wonder what you did wrong to deserve life being at its worst. Do you think people can really foresee and control the stress that comes their way?
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Prevent Stress Before It Hits You

Stress is a noise. The noise that clouds our vision. It distracts you from recognizing real needs and priorities around you and gets you chasing issues that have very little or no added value to you.
Stress is like smoke that you see when something starts to burn. Fan it, and there is fire. Take immediate control to block it and it dies down. The secret in resolving the stress lies in your ability to master the art of recognizing stress and noise even before it gets to you. How can you achieve this?
Most storms (stress, chaos, and drama) can be avoided with a simple awareness of needs.
To live your Ideal Life, learning about needs is a step that you have to make time for and invest in. Otherwise, there will be little growth made, as each step will feel heavy, like trying to walk with mud in your shoes. Why carry all that weight when you can travel lighter instead?
Stress or noise comes from unmet needs, frustrations of those around us and many times from our own Identity Gaps. Identity Gaps are the conflicts we experience when there is a gap between how we view ourselves and how others in our Support view us. The larger this gap, the more frustration it causes.
Take a moment to think about your life. Think about the times when you felt unhappy, drained or confused with unresolved issues. What was the cause of your pain? Was it internal, coming from conflicts that are rooted within you or external pressures?
How often do you go through stress? What were they about and which steps will you take to avoid or prevent those types of noise next time?


Take Control of Your Environment

As discussed above, Identity Gaps is a core area where our stress and noise comes from. If you are struggling with this, evaluate your Support. Identify people who you may need to let go, those whom you need to create boundaries with and those you need to invest more in.
Here’s an article that will challenge you to create healthier relationships.
Remember, the more noise there is around your Support, the more the noise and tension that will leak into your life. Prioritize this step and make time to execute the much-needed steps that will have you enjoying your life.
If you want to make a leap and create an even faster and bigger impact, use our Bucket Exercise. It will allow you to identify the people around you who cause you stress and those that Support you the most.


Prioritize Your Needs

Think about your day. How do you spend it? What are usually your core areas of focus? Like the story shared above in the article about father and son, do you also spend way too much time distracted from your family needs?
Are you more focused on some needs while ignoring others? This is where a lot of stress comes from because then, you often need to juggle and deal with urgent tasks which were overlooked.
Review your Balance if you haven’t already, and start by identifying the needs that you usually spend time focusing on.
Make time to prioritize needs so that you move according to real needs that add value to your Balance, and not blindly chase those that lead to noise. Even if they are all important, learn to separate those that need immediate attention from those that can wait.
Which steps will you be taking today to prioritize and plan better?


Take Some Time to Plan Your Day

Many people also feel overwhelmed and stressed when planning their goals, be it daily or goals that will take longer. Some people, well, they don’t plan at all. They later wonder where all the stress comes from.
Chaos occurs when different needs feel like they are popping from everywhere. Priorities easily get confused and before we know it, we are ‘busy’ tackling issues that are least important and then rushing to quick-fix those that need our attention the most.
Once you have highlighted what your priorities are, note them down so that it helps you focus on what matters the most to you.

People ask me how it is I thrive no matter the situation. It’s because I prepare like few people do. I consider ALL the possibilities, sometimes when lying down to go to bed, sometimes when I wake up I will give myself 15-30 mins to lie there and contemplate possibilities. It is a DISCIPLINE, not natural ~ Dave Darby

Do you struggle with planning? Do you sometimes feel there is just too much to do and 1 week is too short?
Our Fort-week calendar that helps you break down your goals and enable you to both plan and review using the bigger vision as a visual for your plans. The Seasonal FortWeek calendar will help you organize yourself better.
What step will you make to organize and reduce the stress around you?