PIQ Living Scholarship Assistance

We believe in increasing Awareness and creating Opportunities for those who are actively looking to improve and have a need. As an Explorer member, you have the Opportunity to surround yourself with our self-paced lessons, content, and resources, which include like-minded peers who want to grow and work towards their ideal lives too.

With 10% of our profits going to Significance (giving back), we use 60% of that for our scholarship program (for online mentoring) and 40% for our sponsorship programs (supporting community projects).
If you are looking to make quicker changes in your life, yet can’t afford our Challenger level memberships (either part or all of it), then you might be eligible for a scholarship.

We encourage everyone to try and pay something, because we’ve found over the years that those who pay a portion of the monthly fee value the opportunity more than those getting it for free.

Challenger scholarships are reviewed by our team regularly and as our member numbers grow so do our available scholarships.