Working Towards a Shared Vision
Leadership Team

Our team at PIQ Living is diverse in location, culture and heritage yet shares the same ideals, passion and commitment—to lead people globally from lives of Survival to lives of Significance. We’ve brought together many unique talents, perspectives and experiences to create a one-of-a-kind social network of peers and mentors.

We are constantly expanding both our corporate team and our field teams. If you are interested, check out our careers page.

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Executive Leadership Team

Dave Darby


Husband, Father of 5, Social Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Speaker, Author. I see pathways where others see obstacles. I love to learn and to teach. You’ll find that I work hard and play harder. I never ever turn away someone who sincerely asks for help. It is not my place to judge their need. I care a lot about causes like domestic abuse, poverty, and education. I have fears, but I’m never afraid. If you are conventional and like to be told what to think and do, you won’t like me very much.

Nawaal Ishmael


Proud wife and community enthusiast who holds both her own and other’s personal growth close to her heart. I founded an organization in 2010 and combined with other social programs, dedicated 13 years to improving the evolution and quality of life for my home community in Mombasa, Kenya. I love the simplicity, efficiency and speed of PIQ Living methodologies and of course, just how well it works to help people meet their needs, hit their goals and chase their dreams. I see it work each day, both in my own life and that of others around me.

Julie Darby


An only child now mom of five, I love all the activity and the fun families have together.Big families have a special bond and an inherent need for organization and discipline (without it we’d be a wreck!).PIQ Living methodologies keep our family working together as a team, focused on each others needs.It’s amazing how well PIQ Living works for families and marriages!