Global Mission

PIQ Living was founded to change the way the world works. To change how we communicate, educate and support each other while eliminating the noises around us that distract, tie us down, and keep us from finding and living our Ideal Lives.

Our PIQ Living methodologies are key to our global mission. Specifically, the PIQ Living Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) is a complex study of not only individual needs and motivations but also of social contract theory, morals, and values. Put simply, humans are social creatures organized by the shared value of helping others so that we all can gain.

With that in mind, our mission with PIQ Living is not only to help individuals move from Survival to Significance but to also recognize that Significance comes only in the service to, and leadership of, others.

As we grow, we model this leadership through public examples. In fact, ten percent of our profits are committed to giving back to local communities around the globe. We work to be present and active both online and in our members’ communities. Please follow each tab to learn more.

PIQ Living Mission

3 Ways to Engage

We focus on Engaging with people to help them connect to, and learn, the lessons we are teaching. We do this in many ways and we know you will find at least one that will work for you.

Connect Online Globally

PIQ Living has a passion for touching the lives of people and we have been doing so face-to-face for over 14 years. However, to maximize the Opportunity to create impact, we have made it our focus to have a strong presence online—creating the first global mentoring community online.

Now anyone who is thirsty enough for growth is able to Connect with us anytime, at their leisure.

We offer both free and paid memberships—giving you the choice of how fast you want to reach your Ideal Life. Like-minded individuals and businesses are able to Connect with each other and grow.

PIQ Living is a great place to learn, grow and work towards your Ideal Life, as you create positive Support to reach your goals. Have fun interacting with our article pages, private member pages, mentoring groups, and in other activities, you will find on our site.


Outreach Campaigns

At different times throughout the year, we reach out and Connect with people in creative and fun ways. Two and three summers ago, the Darby family reached out and engaged communities in a new and unusual way.

For nearly six weeks in July and August 2015, they traveled over 8,000 miles around the United States in an RV to engage with people in a very raw and personal way, living off the land. Then again in 2016, they launched for over 10 months and 12,000 miles spanning coast to coast hitting national parks and some RV parks, but mostly, RVing in the wild, using solar energy while meeting other young, energetic families. You can see some of their amazing adventures at


Free Saturday Workshops

One reason that people get into frustrations is getting distracted with the noise that comes with being entangled in a web of different kinds of needs. People end up chasing needs which are not their priorities, thus they see their Ideal Lives as unattainable.

Because distractions are all around us PIQ Living created weekly Saturday workshops. An opportunity for people to become more aware, recondition themselves to find and nurture Balance and Significance.

It is certainly easier to help people when they are aware and more prepared in life than when they are not. Our vision is to have everyone in the “boat”, the “boat of Balance”.

This way each Balanced individual makes an impact on their family and the local community, which when brought together, makes a beautiful global impact.

Benefits of the Saturday Workshop That You Will Enjoy:

  • Gain weekly motivation and mentoring on a variety of topics
  • Continue learning and becoming more aware of true Needs
  • Be informed of the opportunities PIQ Living offers to Build Your Ideal Life
  • Create a social support network geared towards growth
  • Get additional knowledge shared on our online mentoring network
  • Engage locally which begins the global impact

5 Areas To Educate

Many times people know WHAT they want in life, they know what their Ideal Life looks like – but they have no idea HOW how to get there.

Too often people are distracted by all the noise in their life and they struggle to break the chains that hold them back. This is why PIQ Living focuses on strong systems that increase awareness and equip people with the tools they need to grow in ALL areas of life.

Online Personal Mentoring

Once you’ve signed up, get going with more personalized challenges and work directly with a mentor. Get a more personal and impactful change using the Support of our mentors, personalized Challenges and specialized tools.

Members interact and get educated via our articles, member-only pages, mentoring groups, downloads, upcoming courses and much more. Our members get access to already existing lessons plus get the freedom to initiate discussions on topics which they need Support with or have a personal interest towards.

With the lessons that are founded on simple, clear and fast results-focused models, our members are able to enjoy Balance and reach their Ideal Lives faster than they would have on their own.


Create Health Awareness

A lot of people suffer due to the unmet needs and frustrations in their lives. The result? Physical pains, many of which go unexplained. But of course, all pains and unwanted symptoms are being treated with pills.

Medications are pushed down people’s throats and each day by doctors and pharmaceutical companies more focused on profits than providing a healthy solution. Because of the noise of pills, people lose connection with the natural alarms that their bodies use to alert them.

One of PIQ Living’s core missions is educating the communities around the globe on how to take control of their health and use their awareness to make better choices. Awareness to psychiatric labels, ‘unexplainable’ behaviors, depression, severe stress and so on. Many of these are unresolved needs and gaps which patients and healthcare advisors don’t make time to stop and be aware of.

As a result, each time a pill is taken to cover the side effects of other people are becoming less and less aware while the pharmaceuticals are creating more and more profits.


Strengthen Resources

For most people, success is equated with the amount of money and resources a person has. This has led a lot of people to struggle and sacrifice other needs in the hope of becoming wealthier – yet we see people reaching on top of their success mountain all alone and miserable.

Those who do find it, use every waking moment to multiply their wealth and keep others from reaching the same. Those who don’t continue struggling or even entering huge identity Gaps that cause them to start harming others.

We are creating awareness and teaching individuals to make better financial choices to strengthen their Balance and together with meeting other needs, be able to enjoy a life of Significance.


Impact Businesses to Be Socially Responsible

It has been accepted for far too long for businesses, in an effort for self-preservation, to bring down communities while focusing on profits. Teaching individuals to clash and clamor for selfish needs and to waste their personal resources on anything that catches their wasteful attention for a few moments in time without regard for real need or utility. That is what we are educating businesses against.

In addition, we also educate businesses to give back to communities and create impact where there are gaps. This will enable communities to grow strong and healthy, instead of weak and fighting for resources.

PIQ Living is a socially responsible business itself, just like we teach. It is because we practice what we teach, that we put a focus on giving back to the community.

It’s important to not just take but to give back and keep the community healthy and strong. Creating win-win situations is how we all become stronger.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS – We give scholarships to individuals who are committed to group gain and to serving their community with skills gained from PIQ Living Mentoring. Those scholarships allow them to join as Challenger members ($199/month value) at no cost other than the promise, commitment, and evidence of giving back to their communities personally.
  • WORKSHOPS – We also use this money to fund local community “outreach” events in which we offer FREE workshops – what we call our Saturday “church”. In a world full of noise, people need a place to go weekly where they can learn – not ways of old, but ways of new, to gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what Opportunities they really have in life – if only they’d block out the noise.
  • NON-PROFITS – Also very important to us is to use these funds to reach out to other like-minded businesses (especially non-profits) who could benefit and grow from our Support. With our Support, we can help other organizations who are committed to helping individuals break away from dependencies and co-dependencies to become valuable, productive and HAPPY members of society.

Impact Local Communities

PIQ Living is re-shaping the way people view themselves and others. By using the Adaptive Hierarchy of Needs, people can better assess true needs and motivation for themselves and those around them. We are also changing the educational and psychological landscapes.

By proper awareness of needs and how to meet them, communities are taught how to identify and push back against discrimination and manipulations. We teach them to reflect on areas that leave them stuck in a rut and re-condition them to start fresh by learning new healthy habits.

When a group of individuals become more aware and start living a life of Significance, communities too, start to grow and slowly, we all become a part of leaving behind a great legacy for future generations.


3 Steps To Empower

This is the Support where we help our members to launch out in new directions with their renewed energy that they have learned and gotten from us as we help them deliver and sustain their goals.

Raise Up & Honor Women and Children

shutterstock_132746927-11Women and children in many ways have remained in the background and in the shadows of men for far too long. The result? Families and communities with many unmet needs which trickle from women and children struggling to keep up, struggling to have a voice, struggling for a fair chance for opportunities.

Despite all the ‘equality’ statements made, at the end of many conversations and decisions is a win-lose situation where we have the win of a man and the loss of a woman/child.

The long-time cause of frustrations and an imbalance in our lives – men having specific socially outlined roles (to cater for survival and security), while women and children play the role of Support and thinking of others’ growth in the community (Significance).

With specific expectations for each gender, what room is left for teamwork and fulfilling the needs of one’s Balance? Just some, with the room, left for an imbalance and as we know by now, room for more stress, more pills, more businesses that serve the needs by just masking this simple unmet need that can be resolved by supporting and empowering women to have a voice and real/equal opportunities.

We are passionate to see and make this happen and more so, to see a society where men, women, and children move together as a real team, supporting and pushing each other forward and not manipulating each other or creating frustrations and conflicts by having a tug of war on power. There is room for all and that room comes to life when a team runs it; a team of members with equal opportunities.


Strengthen Select Non-profits

We are working globally and focusing on core needs of communities. In most areas, these needs have already been identified, and efforts are being made to progress and fill in gaps. For that reason, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel where it is not needed.

We will be Connecting with and be identifying non-profit organizations who share our values and mission, then work with them to strengthen their programs and add impact to the communities.

We are always looking for new ways to connect and give back. If you know of a local charity that aligns with our mission, please contact us to nominate them.


Enable Communities to Support Each Other Better

For all the great missions and goals set, they need to be executed in communities. This cannot happen if people are struggling with Identities issues and competing unhealthily with each other, seeking ways to reach the top—no matter what the cost may be.

PIQ Living comes in to bridge the gaps and to engage people so that they understand the needs around them and are able to move from the struggles and pain of Survival to the Balance and results that come with living in Significance.

As we mentor individuals, families, and businesses, we also empower communication and leadership among people. We encourage and Support people to create stronger relationships and enjoy the rewards while impacting and pulling others up as well.

We are not only empowering people to deliver but instead how to sustain the results they see as well. With every person and community raising up, the world is changing to be better, healthier and stronger as a team.