Camp Policies & Regulations

Camp Location Changes:

Camp location may change depending on weather, schedules, number of campers and other variables. Should our location or any other camp detail change, we will communicate it to you 72 hours prior to the camp start day. New locations will still be in public locations, well maintained and easily accessible areas.

Your Child’s Health Needs:

Once you register, please let us know if your child has any specific health needs and/or allergies. It will assist us in making sure your child experiences a great camp without interruptions.

Extra Charges:

• Extended time: the camp starts at 9:00 am and ends promptly at 5:00 pm. Check-in starts at 8.30 a.m and we are flexible up to 5:15 pm. An additional $10 will be charged for every 10 minutes you are late for pickup after 5:15 pm.
• Cancelation fees: Sometimes personal needs come up and you might want to cancel your child’s membership before the camp ends. We will charge $25 cancelation fees and in some situations, we will have to deduct expenses such as activity-equipment and food that is ordered on behalf of your child before the cancelation. After these fees are deducted, we will refund the rest of your child’s unused camp payment.
• Last minute registrations: We will do our best to create space for your child, but we don’t guarantee that we can accommodate them. Kids who join past the registration dates either weekly or monthly session will be charged $25 extra.


We offer 3 spots in each of our camps, as an Opportunity to train young mentors. If your child is interested, please let us know and they will be added to our list of interested participants. However, we fully reserve the right to choose/pick who the 3 teen interns will be at any given camp.

Registration of Younger Kids:

Our camp is designed for teenagers aged 9-17. Sometimes we make adjustments for families who want all their kids to attend the same summer camp. If your teenager has a sibling slightly younger than him/her, contact us to find out if they can be eligible as well.

Photos of Your Kids:

We will take photos at the camp to create unforgettable memories for you and your kids. The photos will be shared with you through this private and protected site. Charges may apply for printing photos that you like. Note: we will not use any of the camp pictures online without gaining your consent first. However, we are not responsible for any peer-to-peer photos that are taken by kids at the camp.

Fights at the Camp:

Our team is fully equipped with years of experience in handling kids and teenagers. Sometimes though, there are kids who are stubborn and do not follow simple rules of respect and interaction with others. If your child is involved in continued bullying, harassment, or is aggressive with others, we reserve the rights to suspend them from the program.

Loss of Items & Things to Carry:

Please do not allow your child to bring pocket knives, electronic games, money, or anything of value. We are not responsible for the loss of any items like phones or devices your child decides to bring. Your child only needs to bring water and a snack to the camp.


We love to add value to families and need great energy like yours in our programs. That is why we offer Scholarship Opportunities and you are welcome to apply if you are struggling financially. However, we don’t guarantee that your request will be approved and fully reserve the rights to assist you or not in paying your child’s camp fees. Your application does not hinder you from applying to any of our future camps or other scholarship types.
We encourage you to request your family and friends to chip in for your child’s summer camp in place of other birthday/holiday gifts. Also, getting your kids to earn money for the camp through chores for family, friends, and neighbors is a great way to teach them responsibility.
Get creative, and share this gift certificate with your family/friends. Those who request for partial assistance are more likely to get accepted than those requesting full scholarships. But don’t hesitate to submit—we want beautiful families and kids with great energy like yours around us this summer!

Additional Information:

Since your child will take our Personality Assessments online, and you will gain access to their results plus our online groups: these Privacy Policies and Terms of Service policies will be applicable.